Cutom Fabric Kit Contains:

  •   Size 29in x 60in.  Pattern not included
  • Background Solid fabric to create quilt top on.
  • Custom Fabrics to complete the quilt top.
  • Multiple custom browns for the hair, whites and ivories for the wings, pinks for the face and arms, yellow and goldens for the dress and halo, greys for the background with hints of teal blue and pinks and browns to accent the greys.
  • Most of the fabrics are batiks with some specialty fabrics.   Every detail including the Motif butterflies and flowers to coplete the top.
  • Binding Fabric.
  • We also have 3 free how to create collage kits videos, using other Laura Heine patterns like, Seaawell Turtle, Doodle Doo Rooster, and Nola the Unicorn.  A visual teacher with spray glue tecnique.   

Fabric Only Custom Angel kit