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Giraffe Duo is now finished and printed - a brand new art quilt pattern and fabric kit! It is a lot of fun to make - cutting and fusing the spots and markings onto the giraffes, and then using the quilting stitches to give a bit of a furry look to their heads and necks. The pattern includes a full-size pattern sheet, a full-size layout drawing, and a 7-page booklet with detailed instructions and illustrations.  Comes with Blue background. 

The kit includes hand dyed fabrics to make the 22"x29" quilt top with both giraffes, but you could also choose to make just one of them.  You may also make it with a different coloured background.  We also have a free how to video from Sue Sherman herself to help guide you through this brilliant technique.  Sue is a CQA winner and shares her Master techniques with you.

Giraffe Duo, Quilt Fabric Kit, By Sue Sherman

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