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Classes & Pop up Stores for Quilt Guilds

       We offer Quilt Guilds this one day fabulous and fun experience. Who doesn't love creating something new, eating, quilting, and shopping all combined into one super fun day for your guild to experience. 

       Here's how it works. Your guild picks a class it would like to learn from the projects below. You supply a minimum of 8 members or more who sign up for the course to be held at a location your guild provides. I'm happy to teach it to your members for free. Then we work on the project all morning. At this time all guild members are invited to a free spicy lecture I give on the latest techniques and technologies in quilting. We then all break for delicious homemade beverages and snacks provided by the guild members. Then the pop up store will be revealed containing over 400 items at our best prices for all the members to enjoy.  

       Please don't hesitate to contact me if your guild is interested in this unique at home retreat experience.

Thanks! Message sent.

Projects Available for Creating

Introducing Dream Big Opal Quilted by Alain Dupuis

This quilt was done by a man, and it was his first machine quilting experience. He quilted it on his home machine.

          We can provide kits if needed


  • Measures 42" X 43" Panel

  • He teaches you from start to finish, from doing a strait line through to mastering free motion

  • He learned this on a ten year old home sewing machine, never doing machine quilting before.

  • He learned and completed it in 7 days.

  • He has developed a fool proof way of learning.


Presenting Two Fabric Bargello created by Suzie Weaver

Scared of Bargellos?  This takes only 2 Fabrics and the fear out of this stunning technical design.


We can provide kits if needed


  • Measures 60" X 70" with Borders

  • Original 3 pattern & Instructions by Designer Suzie Weaver Revised

  • Effervescent Fabric, Shaded Fabric & Black Fabric for Background and binding

  • We have kits available in Blues,  Autumns, Purples, Greys, and Reds.


Or your welcome to provide your own supplies.

Introducing Elephant Abstractions created by Violet Craft

She looks so complicated but she was hands down the easiest quilt I've ever made.

We can provide kits if needed


  • Measures 54" X 60" Foundation Paper Piecing

  • Original Pattern & Instructions by designer Violet Craft

  • Colour Scheme Custom Designed by Delilah Milne of Cottage Treasures

  • 8 and 1/4 yards of beautiful high quality bali batik fabric for Elephant, Background and Binding.


Or your welcome to provide your own supplies.

How to Make Fabric Bowls and Sewing Pottery

Wind, wrap, and sew fabric strips into fantastic containers! Start with a plate shape to learn the technique. Then experiment with four basic container styles to create round, oval, square, and other shapes.

  • Create purses, baskets, and bowls in an endless variety of sizes, shapes, and colors

  • Simply wrap fabric strips around cotton clothesline, coil into the desired shape, and secure with machine stitching

  • Special sections on lids, handles, and embellishments offer unlimited options for your own variations


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